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Telugu Vani

Telugu Vani is TCA’s flagship publication to serve community interests while upholding literary values and encouraging good reading & writing. Please send your comments, suggestions and contributions to

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2002 Telugu Vani


P.S.: To view/print the above files properly, you should have "Adobe Acrobat Reader" and "Tikkana True Type Fonts" installed on your machine. You can download them freely from the following sites.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader : Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Aksharamala 2003 Telugu Typesetting software : Aksharamala
  • Pothana 2000 True Type Fonts : Pothana 2000
  • Rangavalli Web-Editor using RIT scheme : Rangavalli
  • Tikkana True Type Fonts : Tikkana Font

Install Instructions for 'Tikkana True Type Fonts':

  1. Download Tikkana True Type Fonts (Tkn1_2__.ttf) to your machine
  2. Go to settings->Control Panel->Fonts->Install new font and select the Tikkana font file (Tkn1_2__.ttf)

Instructions for preparing Telugu documents & Web-pages:

  1. Use Telugu typesetting software & corresponding input methods e.g. Rangavalli or Aksharamala
  2. Install respective fonts (embedded & true type) and prepare MS-Word documents in Telugu
  3. Create PDF files e.g. Adobe Page Maker or >PDF995 or UltraPDF for printing & web-posting

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