Bathukamma Festival

Bathukamma Festival

Bathuku in Telugu means live/life, and Amma means mother, hence Bathukamma, is celebrated for the glory, later denoted as Goddess Gauri - the patron Goddess of womanhood.

Batukamma festival is celebrated during September - October. Once upon a time, King Dharmangada of Chola Dynasty used to rule South India. After many prayers and rituals, his wife gave birth to Goddess Lakshmi. Baby Lakshmi survived many accidents. So, the parents named her Batukamma (Batuku means life, Amma means mother). Since then Batukamma festival is celebrated by young girls and women.

This festival is celebrated for nine days beginning from the Padyami (first day) of the month Asvayuja (September - October). Flowers is arranged on a plate or square wooden plank or a square bamboo frame in a conical layout. On the top, gynecium of a pumpkin flower or a cone made of turmeric to represent Batukamma is installed. This floral arrangement is worshipped as Goddess Batukamma. Every evening, girls and women residing in the neighborhood assemble at one place; usually someone's home or nearby temple or a lake or a river. In some places, earthen idol, called Boddemma, is carved and consecrated in the home or at a place in the village. Girls and women dance around Boddemma & Batukammalu and sing songs of Batukamma. After the play and prayer, these Batukammalu are left at the temple or immersed in the lake or river. This continues for nine days with every evening concluding as a social meet. On the final day, everyone in the town goes to the nearest river or lake, where the most beautiful and largest floral Batukammalu are brought and floated. The scene looks picturesque with flowers of different colors floating on the water. Children, women and especially young girls in large numbers participate in the festival.

Admission for this event is free. Prasadam will be provided after the event.



Austin Hindu Temple

9801 Decker Lake Rd.,

Austin, TX 78724


Event date and time


4:30PM to 7:30PM


With warm regards,

TCA Executive Committee


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